Thursday, October 21, 2010

Learn the Basics of Bingo

Bingo originated from a game called Beano; so called because players covered up the numbers on their cards with beans.

Nowadays players commonly use what is known as a dauber or dabber to mark their numbers. These are often fluorescent in color so that when playing in a darkened hall they can still be seen.

Bingo is like a lottery - it is a game of luck. Further, learning how to play Bingo is both easy and fun. There are lots of variations in the way that Bingo is played and learning how to play Bingo and all of its variants can prove to be an exciting pastime; one with many different prizes at stake. Playing Bingo at Online Casinos is definitely a good example. However, the basic principles remain the same and you will discover that while learning how to play Bingo, all of the principles apply to the all important Bingo card.

The Bingo card is printed with its own unique grid of numbers, usually ranging from 1 up to 90, and is arranged in columns and rows. There is a caller who calls the randomly selected numbers for the players to mark off their card. It will be decided before the game begins what pattern of numbers are needed to win. For example, the player may need to get every number on their card, known as a full house; or a row or column, or perhaps two rows, etc.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Learn The Basics

So you want to be a poker player? Poker is a very challenging game although gameplay is relatively simple. Before you start throwing money around familiarize yourself with the rules of betting, calling, raising, and folding.

Also, it is important to know the rank of each hand, because you do not want to bet on a hand that YOU think is a winner.

Below are 3 other tips on helping you get started as a poker player.

1. Start by playing with play money- This is probably the best way to get started. You do not have to worry about blowing your whole savings account trying to become a good poker player. Start out playing for fun with friends or go online and play with play money. Numerous sites offer this service and you should take advantage of it.

2. Experiment with different strategies- Find the poker style that suits you best. Perhaps you don’t have what it takes to be an aggressive player, so don’t try this strategy if it doesn’t work for you. Don’t stick to one strategy in the beginning. You’ll get read like a book by better players and you will end up getting very frustrated after getting bullied around the table by these people.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Online Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses – what is the truth behind it?
There is a lot of competition in the online gambling market today. Each day, new casinos form, old ones regroup and change owners, and the supply is nearly endless.

When a player is looking to choose in which casino to play, he (or she), has many different factors to consider:

• Do I like the look of the casino?
• Does it have the games I’m interested in?
• Do I know anything about the Casino?
• Did someone recommend it to me?
• Does the customer support efficient and offers around the clock help?
• But most importantly I ask myself – what’s in it for me? What do THEY offer me to play at their casino of all places?

This is where the Bonuses come into play.

You will not find anywhere online a casino that does not offer some sort of bonus.
Some offer first time deposit bonuses, some offer loyalty bonuses, some offer 2nd and 3rd deposit bonuses and some have invented all sort of tricks and treats in order to attract the player to their casino.

We will now try to make a little order in the ever growing world of casino bonuses, and try to explain what they mean.

First deposit bonus:
This is a bonus a player can collect only once, when making the first deposit. Usually it is the biggest bonus he casino offers, and you can find places offering bonuses of up to 1000$.
In order to claim the bonus, you have to deposit a specified amount, usually close to the bonus amount (or sometimes even more), and play with a certain amount of money before you are allowed to cash out.
The standard is between 4 times and 12 times the amount of the bonus or combined bonus + deposit. (For example – if you deposited 100$ and received 100$, you will have to wager at least 800$ (4X(100$+100$)) in order to cash out. This means you can put the 200$ on the roulette, win, put another 400$, win, and now you have played the due 800$ and you can cash out.

Read the fine print in the term & conditions for each offer, there you will see what is the amount needed, and if there are games banned from the bonus play.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top of the Most Desired Features Of Online Poker Sites

Interested in playing a round or two of online poker, are you? If so, be aware that playing poker is not like taking your chances in a slot machine. When playing poker – even though you’re online – you’re not just going against a machine and the cosmic powers alone. No, you’re going against live players yourself, only you can’t see them. And these other poker players are just like you – in the sense that they can just as well scheme, bluff, lie, cheat and intimidate just to win.

If you’re not willing to lose a lot of money for the sake of gaining much needed experience in playing online poker, you then have to familiarize yourself with the most wanted features of online poker sites. Not just any online poker site will do if you want to improve your chances of winning.

And without further ado, here are several of the most wanted features of online poker sites that you would care to know:

Variety of Games Offered – Poker is always a fun and enjoyable game, it’s true, but if and when you play the same thing over and over, it tends to become a bit boring, doesn’t it? That’s why when choosing an online poker site to play at, you have to make sure that the website offers a wide variety of games. This would ensure that you won’t be too bored later on and secondly, you’ll be able to hone your skills in different poker versions.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

History of Poker

Since its invention, poker has rapidly become one of the favorite gambling past times for many Americans, due to the ease with which it can be played. There is perhaps no other game of chance for which so many different variations have been created- there are literally hundreds of versions of poker.

Poker is intrinsically caught up in the history of America and American expansions. It is thought to have originated in New Orleans, where players would use a 20 card deck and bet on whose hand was the most valuable. As American settlement spread West up river systems, poker went along, including on riverboat passages up major waterways such as the Mississippi on river boats. Its expansion during this period has meant that it is an integral part of the popular telling of the history of the American West, and can be found in works of fiction and non-fiction, works of history and religion, documentaries and movies alike.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Online Poker Strategy: Play Patiently At The Table

A common error made by many novice (and a shockingly high amount of those who should know better) players is feeling the need to participate on every hand dealt. A successful player only plays 20-30% of dealt hands. Much like a professional baseball player who is able to sign a multimillion dollar contract by maintaining a batting average of .300, the successful poker player knows that the majority of the time another player will walk away with the pot.

With that in mind it is important to play aggressively once you get a hand that you are confident in. Remember, 70% of the time other players are ready to fold in search of a hand that they think favors them! Be ready to force the weak players out with your aggressive bets. If you are confident you have the strongest hand in the game, raise the bet! The main reason for being aggressive is to have those with weak hands fold early on, as some tend to hang on looking for the miracle draw to win the hand. By forcing their hand early you are lowering the chance of those miracle hands and also ensuring you win the pot. It is always better to win a smaller pot than take a chance that another players draws that miracle hand late in the game.